Distributions and Tax


The Fund expects to make distributions to unitholders quarterly. The Fund's year-end for tax purposes is 30 June, at which time the net income and the components of the distribution are determined.

Upcoming and historical distributions

Distribution Period Announcement Date Ex Date Record Date Payment Date Total Distribution Paid
(Cents per Unit)
 Fund Payment Notice
22 June 2016 – 
30 June 2016
23 June 2016 29 June 2016 30 June 2016 28 July 2016 0.3600
27 July 2016
1 July 2016 –
30 September 2016
23 September 2016 29 September 2016 30 September 2016 14 October 2016 3.7000
12 October 2016
1 October 2016 –
31 December 2016
20 December 2016 29 December 2016 30 December 2016
16 January 2017 3.7000
12 January 2017
1 January 2017 – 
31 March 2017     
23 March 2017
30 March 2017
31 March 2017
13 April 2017
10 April 2017

More information about each distribution payment can be found in News & Announcements.

The Fund's distribution policy

The Fund expects to pay quarterly distributions to unitholders and expects these distributions to be between 80% and 100% of FFO*.

The Directors will have regard to cash available when determining the distribution.

The Fund can provide no guarantees as to the extent of future Distributions.

The Responsible Entity will continue to monitor the appropriateness of this Distribution policy to ensure that it meets the ongoing objectives of the Fund and is in the best interests of Unitholders.


Some tax implications of investing in the Fund were explained in Section12 of the PDS, dated 23 May 2016. It is intended to be a brief guide only and does not purport to be a complete statement of the relevant tax law, nor does it take into account your individual circumstances.

Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you seek independent professional taxation advice on the tax implications of investing in the Fund relevant to your specific circumstances.

* FFO or Funds From Operations is a Property Council of Australia concept which adjusts statutory AIFRS net profit for non-cash changes in investment properties, non-cash impairment of goodwill, non-cash fair value adjustments to financial instruments, amortisation of tenant incentives, rental straight-line adjustments and other unrealised one-off items.

Important information

The Fund is issued by Australian Unity Investment Real Estate Limited (AUIRE), ABN 86 606 414 368, AFS Licence No. 477434.
The information on this website is general information only and is not based on the financial objectives, situations or needs of any particular investor.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.